About Us

About Us

Please Raise Your Giving Hand

A Giving Hand was founded to provide financial resources to allow childless couples facing infertility the opportunity to pursue medical fertility treatment. We are here to provide guidance from personal experience. No one should ever go through this alone.

A Giving Hand was founded with the primary mission to provide financial and emotional assistance to couples who are faced with primary and secondary infertility. We as a couple faced with infertility can sympathize with all others who struggle with the same challenge. Infertility is a multifaceted challenge, emotional, physical, spiritual- and if that's not enough above all, financial!

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What We Do?

We’re On A Mission To Solve
The Problems

Male Infertility Treatment

A Single IVF Treatment

Pre and Post Cancer Infertility

Ovarian Tissue & Follicles Freezing

High Risk Pregnancy Care Insurance

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosing

A Single IUI Treatment

Medicine/Drugs Per Cycle

Blood Work and Ultrasound

Initial Consultation

Karyotype Testing

Transportation for a Treatment Cycle


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